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December 05 - 07, 2018 |
Hilton Garden Inn San Antonio

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2018 Event Guide

Curious about last year's event? Take a look at the 2018 Military Flight Training USA Event Guide. This event brings together an audience comprised of 100+ Policy Makers, Chiefs of Staff, Operational Commanders, Heads of Acquisition, Training Program Managers, Instructors and Industry Executives ...

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Need help convincing your supervisor for the time off to attend the summit? Check out our Convince Your Boss Letter and feel free to use it!

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The Final Countdown

An analysis of the top three contenders for the T-X, the military's latest flight trainer fleet. The 4th Annual Military Flight Training Summit provides a breakdown of these jets just a few weeks before the final announcement of the T-X contract, to be awarded by the AETC.

Military Pilot Retention: Emerging Stronger in the Face of Challenge

Retention in the military is always a challenge, but now more than ever. The current numbers leave us at about a 2,000 person shortage, causing many to wonder how the military will remedy this. From new pilot training programs to expanded VRAAD to innovative strategies, there are a multitude of...


[VIDEO] Military Pilot Retention: Emerging Stronger in the Face of a Challenge

The Military currently faces a shortage of 2,000 pilot in the force. To combat this, a variety of strategies are in place. From VRAAD to aggressive recruitment initiatives, the Military is doing all that it can to not only keep the strong personnel it already has, but also to recruit...

BAE Systems: Training Solutions for the Modern Aviator

The British-made Hawk Advanced Jet Trainer currently provides pilot training for 21 of the world's air forces. Archie Neill, business development director for BAE's defence information, training and services unit, takes Defence IQ through the benefits the company's solutions provide during the annual Military Flight Training conference (London, UK).


PART 1: USA Market Report 2017-2018

Part 1 of the USA's Market Report on Military Flight Training statistics. This includes fixed-wing training aircraft as well as rotary-wing training air craft. Market overviews, as well as notable key programs and requirements are also featured in this comprehensive report.

PART 2: Global Market Report 2017-2018

Part 2 for the Global Market Report on Military Flight Training statistics is here! This includes fixed-wing training aircraft as well as rotary-wing training air craft for the enitre world including Europe, Asia, Latin America, North America and more. 

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