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Military Flight Training Market Report 2016 - 2017

The annual Defence IQ Military Flight Training Market Report covers international inventories of fast-jet and helicopter trainers, key national requirements and an overview of the health of the global flight training market, with insight into those working in this field in both an operational and business capacity.

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Exploring the US Navy’s Future Pilot Training and Simulation Strategies

Rear Admiral Dell Bull, Chief of Naval Air Training, US Navy discusses Optimizing the means by which USN personnel achieve and maintain mission readiness, fully exploiting advances in both technology and training methodologies for basic and advance flying training, and characteristics of future F-35 Training.

U.S. Navy Live, Virtual, Constructive Training for Naval Flight Officers

Commander Mehdi "Metro" Akacem, Executive Officer, VT-86 Sabrehawks, US Navy presents on Future Considerations:

  • What can, what should and what do you do in an LVC environment?
  • Challenges to providing integrated LVC environments
  • Determining the mission sets LVC can train for
  • Evaluating LVC and the mind shift changes required advance LVC from concept to capability
  • How might training and operational commands utilize LVC in tandem
  • Is there room for coalition LVC training?

Preparing Rotary Wing Pilots for In-Theatre Challenges Through Maximising Training Capabilities

Colonel Kelly Hines Commander 110th Aviation Brigade, US Army Aviation Center of Excellence, discusses the Aviation Brigade 110th Aviation Brigade Commander’s Vision, and goals for training the world’s best combat aviators.

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Military Flight training Market Report 60 PAGE

This 60 PAGE report is an overview of training numbers, notable fixed-wing programmes and requirements, national fixed-wing holdings and future plans, military helicopter training and helicopter holdings and future plans.

Draken International Supports Air National Guard Exercise, "Northern Lightning 2015"

In an historic partnership, the Air National Guard recently utilized Draken International's contract air services to support the Guard's annual training exercises on a major scale. Read More...

Q&A: Changing the Training Paradigm to Maximize Readiness

Colonel Bradley M. Crites, Commander,
Air Force Agency for Modeling and Simulation
"Colonel Bradley M. “Critter” Crites is commander of the Air Force Agency for Modeling and Simulation (AFAMS), which is the lead agent for centralized management of Air Force crossfunctional and shared live, virtual and constructive operational training (LVC-OT) foundational capabilities and resources supporting the Air Force service core functions"

Download the article provided by Military Training Technology Magazine by KMI Media. For more information about the magazine head to http://www.kmimediagroup.com/mtt 

Top 3 Significant Developments In Flight Simulation

The need for combat flight training and simulation has been around for over a century now. In 1914 ground based simulators were designed to better help the air gunners perfect their ability to effectively hit targets. Fast forward one hundred years... read more

There Can Only Be 1: Update on the bidding teams

The Air Force will release a final RFP in December, and anticipates awarding a contract in 2017. T-X initial operational capability is planned for 2024. Here is an update on the bids from Raytheon/Leonardo, Boeing/Saab, Northrop/BAE Systems/L-3, and Lockheed Martin & Korea Aerospace Industries.

The US Navy’s 5th Generation Training Priorities & The F35’s Role

In this interview, Rear Admiral Roy Kelley, incomingDirector, USN F-35C Fleet Integration Office discusses Navy's approach to F-35Ctraining, including current simulation method, possible adaptations in futuretraining systems,  and his perspective onimproving the training continuum to deliver the level of operational fidelityneeded to field and integrate Navy's first 5th Generation Strike Fighter intothe Fleet.  

12 Current Gaps in F-35 Training: And how the new T-X aircraft will need to fill them

Ahead of this year’s Military Flight Training USA event, November 2-4 in San Antonio, TX. We sat down with Major General Scott A. Vander Hamm, Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff, Operations of the US Air Force. He discusses what the current gaps in F-35 training are, and how an accepted T-X Program bid will need to address them, How training needs to be shifted to train pilots effectively, now that the F-35’s air battle management role has increased, and what needs to be done in simulation to provide an accurate operational level of fidelity.

Content Package The F-35's Role & 12 Current Gaps

This package includes an interview with Rear Admiral Roy Kelley, incoming Director, USN F-35C Fleet Integration Office discusses Navy's approach to F-35C training, including current simulation method, possible adaptations in future training systems. And Major General Scott A. Vander Hamm, Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff, Operations of the US Air Force. He discusses what the current gaps in F-35 training are.

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Military Flight Training Report 2015-16: Part I: Holdings & Requirements

Part I of the annual Defence IQ MFT Report covers international inventories of fast-jet and helicopter trainers, key national requirements and an overview of the health of the global flight training market. Part II of this report will provide the full results of our executive survey, with insight into those working in this field in both an operational and business capacity.

Market Report 2015-16: Part II: Analysis & Trends

Based on a survey of industry and military experts, this report looks to analyse the data and provide an insight into the MFT market. It explores the ability of current flight training systems to meet future requirements, challenges with e-learning integration, key pilot attributes, acceptable attrition rates, and analyses the trend towards universal pilot training. Courtesy of DefenceIQ.


The Future of Pilot Training

Maj Gen James Hecker of the Nineteenth Air Force, presents on the Undergraduate Pilot Training (UPT) Production Requirements, Current UPT Model, Challenges, Generalized vs Specialized UPT, and the UPT Way Ahead. Also the RPA Training (URT) Production Requirements, Current URT Model, Challenges, and the RPA Way Ahead.


US Air Force Flight Training: Major General Mike Keltz

Maj. Gen. Michael A. Keltz is Commander, 19th Air Force, Joint Base San Antonio–Randolph, Texas, which trains more than 30,000 U.S. and allied students annually. The training ranges from entry-level undergraduate flying training through advanced combat crew training, and ultimately provides fully qualified aircrew personnel to the warfighting commands.

BAE Systems: Training Solutions for the Modern Aviator

The British-made Hawk Advanced Jet Trainer currently provides pilot training for 21 of the world's air forces. Archie Neill, business development director for BAE's defence information, training and services unit, takes Defence IQ through the benefits the company's solutions provide during the annual Military Flight Training conference (London, UK).

Exclusive Content

Military Flight Training 2017 - Top Ten Reasons to Attend

Need a reason to attend Military Flight Training? We have 10! Check out the event overview, that gives you the top ten reasons to attend, who spoke last year, and some attendee thoughts - Check it out today!


Boeing discusses "Live, Virtual, Constructive" project

In our second exclusive look into the flight training innovations of Boeing, Rob Lechner, Research & Technology chief engineer of Training Research discusses the company’s ‘live, virtual, constructive’ project and its applications as a cost-effective, innovative military flight training tool. Lechner will be hosting a pre-conference presentation on the subject on March 11th.

USMC Unmanned Training: “Challenges are good – they allow us to train to a higher level”

Major Brad Green is the UAS Specialist at the US Marine Corps MAWTS-1 (Marine Aviation Weapons and Tactics Squadron One), tasked with providing standardized advanced tactical training and certification of unit instructor qualifications and assistance in the development and employment of Marine aviation weapons and tactics. Major Green walks us through the recent movements of the squadron, how unmanned systems play their part among other units, and just what exactly needs to be overcome – including air space allocation, government funding, and time itself.


The Global Military Simulation and Virtual Training Market 2015-2025

The Global Military Simulation and Virtual Training Market 2015–2025 report offers the reader detailed analysis of the global military simulation market over the next ten years, alongside potential market opportunities to enter the industry, using detailed market size forecasts.

US flight training approach does a barrel roll

The United States Air Force is in the process of turning its military flight education approach on its head at the same time as it looks to replace the primary training platform from 2020...

U.S. Air Force T-X programme taxis for takeoff

Earlier this year, the U.S. Air Force finally rubber-stamped funding for its T-X fixed-wing trainer modernisation programme...