Military Flight Training USA

MFT USA is back and proud to be bringing together a community of 100+ Training Program Managers, Instructors, Industry and Academy Experts and Executives as we discuss challenges at the forefront of pilot training. Driven by modernization and innovation this year's topics, themes speakers and attendees will be aligned to  key priorities, recommendations and requests from US and international stakeholders in the community.

Critical Discussions will take place on:

  • Pilot retention and  overcoming the pilot shortage
  • Defining the right balance between live and synthetic training
  • Integrating emerging technology and VR  to enhance pilot capabilities
  • Cost effective training and addressing the challenges of downloading and offloading
  • Developing the skills for our Next Generation of Fighter, Rotary and RPA pilots

2017 Speakers Include:

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Core Themes

Innovation In Training In Fifth-Generation Aircraft

through revolutionary F-35 and F-22 training systems, polices, plans and practices

Innovation In Pilot Training

through extensive downloading and offloading across the training program combined with the establishment of an LVC roadmap

Innovation in Rotary & Multi Engine Training

through cost effective training systems created by advanced simulation fidelity, skills based training and operational training and mission readiness

Top 10 Reasons to Attend

Engage with 150 key decision makers across the US DoD, Air Force, Navy, Army and Marine Corps

Hear the latest news from T-X Program decision makers one month before the final RFP release

Debate innovative 5th Generation Training plans and programs to prepare for the F-35

Review the latest updates on the US Navy’s TH-57 replacement procurement

Solve the challenges facing LVC and Distributed Mission Operations to deliver cost effective training systems

Key insight into downloading potentials and practices across the training system

Unearth innovation ground base offloading practices to reduce training cost

Maximize system and immersion fidelity in flight simulation to open up increased offloading opportunities

Discover the latest opportunities for training service providers across the US Armed Forces

Engage with F-35 partner nations on their training plans and policies to position yourself for international markets

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